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Heat Pumps & Geothermal

Enjoy the benefits of renewable thermal energy through a heat pump installation. Make your best investment in your future and let us take care of the rest. Never depend on oil, propane, or gas in your home again and enjoy affordable, year-round comfort.

A Heat Pump system can source up to 75% of the thermal energy needed for heating, cooling and hot water in a typical home, directly on site. Zero emissions, 365 days a year, on demand. This means less energy is required from your utility.

Evolved Thermal Energy has been quoted in recent articles by CBC, “Waterfront Homes Tap into Lakes for Cheaper Geothermal Heating” and Cottage Life Magazine, “All your burning questions about Heat Pumps answered“. We’ve also provided articles for HVAC industry trade magazines, Mechanical Business Magazine Jan/Feb 2024 – “Embracing Residential GeoExchange”.


Unlimited emissions-free energy to eliminate your dependence on fossil fuels.


Heat and cool your home at up to 4x the efficiency of fossil fuels.


Enjoy advanced temperature control, improved air quality, and stable humidity.


Don't pay the price for shifting fossil fuel markets and carbon policy. Switch to a heat pump and start saving monthly.

What is Renewable Thermal Energy?

The most sustainable way to heat or cool your home is through renewable thermal energy. Transfer heat from the ground to your home through a ground source (geothermal) heat pump system. Then, stay cool through the summer by transferring the heat from your home into the ground. It’s a simple, highly-efficient heat exchange. A geothermal heat pump installation enables this heat exchange process. 

For those homes with limited land area, or in regions where vertical drilling is not possible, Air Source Heat Pumps are the next best option to extract Renewable Thermal Energy from outdoor air. Though not as efficient as Ground Source, Air Source Heat Pump systems are a great option when Geothermal is not possible.

At Evolved Thermal Energy we help homeowners assess system options first, then we’ll connect you with our qualified installation contractor network.

Our Process is Simple, and mostly virtual.

From consultation to installation, we’re with you every step of the way


Use our site form to see if your home qualifies for an Evolved renewable thermal energy system. Click here to qualify your home.


One of our heat pump experts will contact you for a consultation. We'll discuss your home energy systems to help you identify the right solution for your home and budget.


A qualified contractor from our network will complete a technical site survey to prepare an estimate. They'll arrange indoor and outdoor installation for your new Heat Pump system.


Kick back and enjoy the comfort of your unlimited energy source. It's a low maintenance, low-cost system. Welcome home.

Geothermal is Renewable Thermal Energy

Tonnes CO2 Diverted From Your House Annually
1 t
Days of Comfort
Average Return on Investment
1 yrs
Average Annual Savings
$ 1

The figures above are based on a home using propane for heating, with the propane price at $0.75/L, electricity at $0.15/kWh (averaged time of use) with an installation of a 4-ton geothermal horizontal ground or lake loop system.

I contacted Evolved Thermal to discuss replacing our existing furnace and AC with an air source heat pump. After discussing options like geothermal which were not optimal in my specific situation, Jeff was able to point me to an excellent local contractor (Aido Climate Solutions) who was able meet my needs.
Adam Howard
Adam Howard
Geothermal energy - Jeff provided a fantastic presentation to my company and I. He is extremely knowledgeable in this space and will provide you with the best energy options suited for you!
Zaidan Contractor
Zaidan Contractor
The team over at Evolved Thermal Energy is extremely knowledgeable and accessible! Jeff was a tremendous help along our journey towards choosing a Geothermal contractor!
Dee Myers
Dee Myers
In the world or HVAC specifically ASHP, Jeff was able to help flag nuances associated with the equipment ad well as help flag the proper size needed to appropriately heat and cool our home.
Jame Zaiyouna
Jame Zaiyouna
Two young men from Evolved Thermal Energy went out of their way to help me lift something into my new home before the rain came down. Can't thank them enough for there assistance!!
Inthe East
Inthe East
Owners are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the work they do. Very hardworking and dedicated to making your project a success.
Maggi Wiens
Maggi Wiens
Speaking with Jeff he has been able to clearly explain and define how clean technology can have a positive impact on both the planet and my pocket book. Thank you for all the help and assistance on our system. Great company to deal with...excellent, I recommend them 100% !
Mark Lewandoski
Mark Lewandoski

About Evolved Thermal Energy

We aim to challenge industry titans to do better and be a catalyst in the clean energy transition by providing affordable, sustainable heating and cooling to homes across Ontario.

The Evolved Thermal Energy team has been active in Canada’s Heat Pump and HVAC/Hydronics industry for nearly two decades. Our experience in HVAC system design, technical support, contractor training, and project management sets us apart.