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Switch to Renewable Thermal Energy

Make your best investment in your future and let us take care of the rest. Never depend on oil, propane, or gas in your home again and enjoy affordable, year-round comfort.


Unlimited emissions-free energy to eliminate your dependence on fossil fuels.


Heat and cool your home at 4x the efficiency of fossil fuels and without combusting chemicals.


Enjoy advanced temperature control, improved air quality, and stable humidity.


Don't pay the price for shifting fuel markets and carbon policy. Switch to geothermal and start saving monthly.

What is Renewable Thermal Energy?

The most sustainable way to heat or cool your home is through renewable thermal energy. Transfer heat from the ground to your home through a ground source heat pump system. Then, stay cool through the summer by transferring the heat from your home into the ground. It’s a simple, highly-efficient heat exchange.

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Our Process

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Use our site form to see if your home qualifies for an Evolved renewable thermal energy system.


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We'll arrange indoor and outdoor installation for your GSHP and ground loops. Learn more about how geothermal works.


Kick back and enjoy the comfort of your unlimited energy source. It's a low maintenance, low-cost system. Welcome home.

Geothermal is Renewable Thermal Energy

1 t
Tonnes CO2 Diverted From Your House Annually
Days of Comfort
1 yrs
Average Return on Investment
$ 1
Average Annual Savings

The numbers above are based on a home using oil, with the oil price at $0.65/L, electricity at $0.16/kWh (averaged time of use) with an installation of a 4-ton geothermal horizontal system.

About Evolved Thermal Energy

We aim to be a catalyst in the clean energy transition by providing affordable, sustainable heating and cooling to rural homes across Ontario.