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Home is Where Your Energy Is

Why pay the price for fuels delivered to your home on the back of a truck, or through thousands of kilometers of pipeline, when an unlimited, carbon-free alternative — 4x more efficient — is right in your backyard?

With nearly two decades in the industry, Evolved Thermal Energy can help you make your best investment in a greener future and a lifetime of energy savings.

We connect homes to an independent, unlimited source of renewable thermal energy

Best Investment in a Greener Future


We believe in a simple, straightforward approach to decarbonizing with geothermal heating and cooling. From consultation to design, installation and commissioning, when you choose to work through us, we support the entire process.


Having an experienced team like ETE help in your project means you can be confident your system is designed to provide the best possible comfort and return on investment.

Customer Experience

We aim to make renewable thermal energy in Ontario as affordable as possible. We work closely with our qualified contractor network to deliver excellence to the end-user.

Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to create a greener future. We aim to be a catalyst in the clean energy transition by providing affordable, sustainable heating and cooling to homes across Ontario.

We need to look to the future

The Problem

Most Ontario homes still burn natural gas, oil, or propane for heating and hot water. When combusting these fuels, CO2, nitrous oxide, sulphur dioxide, and other by-products are emitted from your home.

This makes buildings, even domestic homes, huge emitters of greenhouse gases. In Canada, buildings are the third largest producers of greenhouse gases, accounting for 18% of our overall emissions. Nearly 90% of the emissions that come from individual buildings are from heating, cooling, and hot water systems.

How we heat and cool our homes will have a significant impact on Canada’s progress towards carbon neutrality. But the heating and cooling industry faces challenges in making this transition.

Our climate is changing. We need to drastically limit our environmental impact and reliance on fossil fuels while preparing for a new climate reality.

Millions of existing private residences in Canada will need to be electrified with systems that don’t burn fossil fuels or release greenhouse gases as by-products.

Conventional heating and cooling systems that rely on moderate outdoor temperatures won’t be effective. As our climate destabilizes, our HVAC equipment needs to be resilient to temperature extremes.

Geothermal Home Heating and Cooling Checks all the Boxes

Heat Pumps do not burn fossil fuels, release harmful greenhouse gases, or emit carbon dioxide. It’s a renewable, emissions-free, and long-lasting energy solution.

Almost any home can be retrofitted with a highly efficient heat pump. It’s a well-established technology that will become increasingly more affordable as renewable installations overtake conventional systems

Geothermal heating and cooling uses stable below-ground temperature to deliver reliable temperature control year-round. Plus, the system isn’t being exposed to the elements.

We make electrified hvac simple.

How Does ETE Help Solve the Problem?

Using heat pumps will be critical to reducing building emissions while improving the resilience of our heating and cooling systems in the new climate reality.

Heat pumps are also a versatile solution, Air Source Heat Pumps can be used as an alternative in cases where land area is limited or for homes without ductwork.

Ask us about Air Source or Ground Source, Evolved Thermal Energy can help you make the right decision for your home. 

Initial consultation and design are critical to ensure a cost-effective system that provides the best comfort and performance over its lifetime.

We Approach Each Home as a System

Our technologists and contractor partners work to understand the construction of your home, its existing HVAC and hot water systems, and any energy loss points so we can build the best system to ensure a cost-effective transition.

We Consider Everything

Throughout the process, we’re considering everything from various system design options and ventilation distribution to energy recovery and project installation – all with time, budget, efficiency in mind.

Our Partner Contractors

We carefully select and train our partner contractors, they will mange every detail of the project, to ensure your system operates at peak efficiency.

Consumer Experience

ETE aims to create a better consumer experience, simplifying the homeowner’s transition to geothermal heating in Ontario. In the background, we are focused on training and support of our contractors to improve overall experience end-to-end.

Trusted expertise, industry professionals

Why Choose Evolved Thermal Energy

For nearly two decades, the ETE team has worked with homeowners, contractors, manufacturers, and engineering professionals to help them implement energy saving and emissions-reducing mechanical systems in their projects.

Meet Annie

Annie has renewable energy in her blood. Her family has been in involved in the ground source heat pump industry since the early 80’s. She started working at NextEnergy Inc., the family Geothermal Heat Pump distribution business in 2006 after graduating from Wilfrid Laurier University. Annie held positions in warehousing, logistics, operations, eventually making her way into accounting.

In 2014, Annie joined ZON Engineering, a growing solar and high-performance buildings engineering consulting firm. She manages accounting and operations for both ZON Engineering and ZON Generation.

As Co-Founder and Partner in Evolved Thermal Energy Inc., Annie brings her vast hands-on Finance, Operations, and HR experience to help ETE grow.

Co-founder, Annie Hatherton, headshot

Annie Hatherton

Co-Founder . Accounting & Finance Manager

Evolved Thermal Energy founded in 2021 to help solve marketplace bottlenecks present in the heat pump industry, helping accelerate the transition to heat pumps in our homes and buildings. We work with a variety of forward-thinking manufacturers, suppliers and trade contractors, to bring the solutions homeowners need. We are here to help lead the way.

Co-founder, Jeff Hunter, headshot

Jeff Hunter

Co-Founder . Client & Contractor Manager

Meet Jeff

Jeff started in the HVAC industry in 2005, joining NextEnergy Inc., a fast-growing Canadian distributor of geothermal heat pump systems. Jeff honed his technical skills by applying his mechanical engineering background in systems design to providing training to installers and troubleshooting equipment in the field and remotely for installation contractors across Canada.

Following NextEnergy Inc., Jeff transitioned into conventional wholesale trade, working with HVAC equipment manufacturers and installation contractors for both residential and commercial applications. Working in this industry, it became apparent to Jeff that Heat Pump technologies were encountering bottlenecks getting to market through the traditional equipment distribution channels.

Jeff is committed to supporting the industry as a whole, he currently serves as Chair of the Board of Directors of the Ontario Geothermal Association, a not-for-profit industry association focused on advocating for GeoExchange technology in Canada. Jeff is also a part-time Professor with Conestoga College in the Renewable Energy Techniques and Applied Energy Management programs. He enjoys helping students find their career paths in renewable energy. Jeff also volunteers on various technical and community engagement committees. Jeff is committed to helping accelerate the adoption of ground source heat pumps in Canada. 

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