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An Air Source Heat Pump uses Renewable Thermal Energy that exists naturally in ambient outdoor air. Evolved Thermal Energy helps Homeowners and installation contractors connect homes to this energy source. A Heat Pump (sometimes called Air Source Heat Pump, or Cold Climate Heat Pump), uses a refrigerant system to MOVE thermal energy to and from the outdoor air. As the system does not use fossil fuel combustion to generate high temperature, much more care must be taken in the design process to ensure the system performs as desired. This is where Evolved Thermal Energy comes in, our team has been involved in the heat pump industry in Canada for nearly 20 years! We can help ensure your project is a success. When designed and installed properly and Air Source Heat Pump can provide most of the energy for heating and cooling your home needs. Generally, when outdoor conditions are below -15C, a backup heating source will be required to maintain comfort in your home. If you would prefer a system with ultimate efficiency to meet all your heating, cooling and hot water needs, no matter the outdoor temperature – checkout our Geothermal Heat Pump installation page!

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With an Air Source heat pump system, you can relax and take advantage of the comfort and efficiency of an endless, fossil fuel-free energy source.

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You can find out if your home qualifies for an evolved renewable thermal energy system by completing a simple online form. Once we have some details on your project, we’ll connect with you for a consultation to help determine project scope and guide you to the next steps on your electrification journey!