Geothermal Installation - Cambridge

Geothermal Installation in Cambridge, Ontario

Evolved Thermal Energy delivers industry leading Heat Pump Design consultation to help you make the right choice! we'll then connect you to our Network of Qualified Contractors, relaying our certified designs to ensure every system performs.

Generally, homeowners do not think about the HVAC systems for their homes. Do you know choosing the best HVAC system is a very important decision when it comes to your home and your budget? Amid the rapidly increasing fuel costs, Evolved Thermal Energy is providing its customers with the best Geothermal & Air Source Heat Pump solutions in Cambridge, Ontario. We have stress-free and comfortable systems that can fulfill all your cooling, heating and hot water needs.

Our Electrification Process

We employ simple yet effective techniques to ensure that installation is done correctly. Our procedures result in increased Geothermal Heat Pump efficiency, reliability and performance. We will assist you in all stages of installation pricing, designing and collaboration with installation contractors.


To find out if your home qualifies for an advanced renewable thermal energy system, click the link to fill out the form on our website.


Once the qualify form is completed, we'll schedule a free consultation to discuss your home energy systems. We'll identify options and considerations and help you determine what Heat Pump system is best for your home.


We'll connect you with our network of installation contractors for technical site survey and preparation of the project proposal. Once accepted, the contractor will schedule the project and we'll ensure the right equipment arrives on-time.


With geothermal systems, you get to enjoy the comfort of an unlimited energy source when relaxing at your home. These systems are low-maintenance and cost-effective.

Why Choose Evolved Thermal Energy If You Live in Cambridge

You Can Rely On Us To Provide In-Depth System Design Consultation, Installation Contractor Support & Training for Cambridge ontario hVAC installations.

We will connect with the best qualified contractors for Geothermal or Air Source Heat Pump Installation services by drawing on our experience and industry knowledge. Evolved Thermal Energy provides a unique consultation process that ensures a data driven approach to ensure your electrified HVAC system operates as expected. Our goal is to maximize your return on investment, and that’s the difference experience makes.


Along with commercial and financial services in Cambridge, it is the home of high-tech enterprises. Cambridge produces a variety of manufactured items, including medicines and automotive parts. Cambridge enables a sustainable business environment for start-ups and established businesses. It is located in one of Ontario’s most highly industrialized regions. In Cambridge, Ontario, GHG emission reduction is part of the environment and energy sustainability program. Evolved Thermal Energy offers its optimized geothermal energy solutions to homeowners to contribute to the environment and energy sustainability.

Qualify Your Home Now

On our website you can analyze your home’s eligibility for an evolved renewable thermal energy system installation. You’ll receive a referral to a reputable and experienced installation provider so, the system is installed correctly.