Geothermal Installation - Brockville

Geothermal Installation in Brockville Ontario

Do you need the best geothermal design and installation services at your house? Well, then you need not be worried. Our competent HVAC contractors' team can provide these services here in Brockville, Ontario.

We have observed that many homeowners do not attend to their HVAC systems properly. Yet, selecting an appropriate HVAC system is significant for your house as it can provide you comfort within budget. To mitigate the effects hike in fuel prices, you can use Geothermal Heat Pump solutions presented by Evolved Thermal Energy. The Geothermal Heat Pump solutions will cater to your heating, cooling, and hot water needs. 

Our Geothermal Installation Process

We can help you experience the effectiveness, performance, and long-term reliability of a geothermal heat pump system with a perfect installation. The experience and knowledge of our team can support you in the quotation design process. For a smooth installation process – we will team you up with the best installation contractors.


Check if your home qualifies for installing an Evolved renewable thermal energy system. Click here and assess the suitability of your home.


The next step in the installation process is connecting with the right energy consultant. We can book your appointment for you; all you need to do is fill out our qualification form. In the first phase, we will assemble data and prepare an initial plan for your house.


We choose a team of well-qualified contractors to manage the whole installation process. Our team will efficiently install a new heat pump and geothermal ground loop. If you are not familiar with the working of geothermal systems, click here.


It is time for you to relax and relish the benefits of your infinite energy source. You will find Geothermal systems to be inexpensive and low-maintenance.

Why Choose Evolved Thermal Energy If You Live in Brockville

From Evolved Thermal Energy, you will experience the best project management services, excellent System Design, Technical support, and contract training in Brockville, Ontario.

We have been handling these operations for a long time; therefore, you can trust our expertise. Our foremost goal is to establish easier collaborations among contractors and consumers for geothermal heat pump installation. Our staff will assure you that the geothermal heat pump system has been created efficiently without worrying you. For our clients – we also ensure a maximum potential return on investment (ROI).


Brockville is a small and beautiful city located on the St. Lawrence River that is only an hour and 10 minutes far in the southwest of Ottawa. Historically Brockville has been the place of the biggest bank heist and oldest railway tunnel in Canada. Brockville Railway Tunnel is also a famous historic site built in this city between 1854 and 1860. This railway tunnel is a part of the Ottawa and Brockville Railway. Brockville can also provide you with a good base if you are into exploring this region of Canada. From Blockhouse Island Downtown, you can also take the sightseeing cruise of the 1000 islands. This beautiful site is one of the busiest towns during summer in Canada. A short journey to the west of Brockville will bring you to Mallorytown, home to Treetop Trekking 1000 Islands, Canada’s largest zipline park, and other adventures.

Qualify Your Home Now

Our services can validate the suitability of your house for the installation of an evolved renewable thermal energy system. Using our assistance, you can also connect with a trustworthy and highly-skilled installation contractor to properly install the system in your house