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Geothermal Installation in Listowel, Ontario

Evolved Thermal Energy has a Network of Qualified HVAC Contractors to help you with Geothermal Design and Installation Services in Listowel.

Commonly, homeowners do not think much about the HVAC system in their homes. Choosing the right HVAC system can have a positive impact on your home’s comfort and your budget. Evolved Thermal Energy offers Geothermal Heat Pump solutions to its clients in Listlowel amid the hiking fuel costs. We provide comprehensive and easy-to-use solutions to fulfil your cooling, heating and hot water demands.

Our Geothermal Installation Process

Evolved Thermal Energy ensures a successful installation using simple yet effective techniques. We can help you increase the life, performance and efficiency of your Geothermal Heat Pump. In the process of quoting and designing, as well as during installation, we work closely with installation contractors, bringing our expertise and experience to them upfront.


Click on the form on our site to see if your home is eligible for Evolved renewable thermal energy system.


Fill out a form to be connected with one of our energy specialists. As a result, a preliminary proposal will be prepared for your home during this time.


Our qualified contractors will handle the installation of your new heat pump and geothermal ground loop.


Kick back and enjoy the comfort of your unlimited energy source. Geothermal cooling and heating systems are cost-effective and easy to maintain.

Why Choose Evolved Thermal Energy If You Live in Listowel

Our Expertise in System Design, Contractor Training, Technical Support and Project Management Makes us Stand out from the competition.

This is an area in which we have years of experience. In order to facilitate geothermal heat pump installation, we aim to connect more customers and contractors. Our team of experts is here to help in designing a geothermal heat pump system that maximizes comfort and efficiency; consequently, increased ROI is received.


Listowel is a community located in the municipality of North Perth in Ontario, Canada. The town has produced famous personalities in various fields. Famous Canadian hockey players, writers, musicians, and actors belong to this area. Across from Veky’s International Cuisine Restaurant is where you will find The Bookery (now called the Salvation Army Thrift Store). About 25,000 books and traditional silver Celtic, Irish, and Scottish jewellery are available at this bookstore with a Celtic theme. Additionally, they offer exhibition space for regional artists to exhibit their creations. Evolve Thermal Energy provides excellent renewable energy and geothermal energy solutions to clients in Listowel.

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Qualify Your Home Now

You can evaluate your home’s suitability for the installation of an advanced renewable thermal energy system on our website. To ensure that the system is installed properly, you will be sent to a trustworthy and skilled installation provider.