Geothermal Installation Thunder Bay

If you’re in Thunder Bay, Ontario, and thinking about making your home more green and efficient, Evolved Thermal Energy is here to help. We’re known for being one of Ontario’s leading providers of geothermal heat pump systems.

We’ve teamed up with a handpicked bunch of HVAC pros to ensure you get top-notch installation service and the most up-to-date geothermal systems. Whether you’re building the home of your dreams or looking to decarbonize your current home heating systems, we’re right by your side. We’re all about ensuring you reap the full benefits of geothermal. We’re just a call away if you want to dive deeper into the advantages of Geothermal Installation Thunder Bay and take a big step towards a greener home.

Our Process Is Simple, And Mostly Virtual.


Fill out a quick form with the basics to get started!


During our free consultation we'll guide you through different options based on your home and budget.


Once a project scope has been created, we'll connect you with our qualified contractor network to prepare a final proposal.


Whether Ground Source or Air Source a heat pump will help relieve your reliance on fossil fuels. Comfort and efficiency await you!

Why Choose Evolved Thermal Energy?

Since 2005, we’ve been deeply involved in the world of HVAC, Hydronics, and Heat Pumps in Canada. Our passion lies in helping folks like you embrace heat pump technology and say goodbye to those steep fossil fuel bills.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

I contacted Evolved Thermal to discuss replacing our existing furnace and AC with an air source heat pump. After discussing options like geothermal which were not optimal in my specific situation, Jeff was able to point me to an excellent local contractor (Aido Climate Solutions) who was able meet my needs.
Adam Howard
Adam Howard
Geothermal energy - Jeff provided a fantastic presentation to my company and I. He is extremely knowledgeable in this space and will provide you with the best energy options suited for you!
Zaidan Contractor
Zaidan Contractor
The team over at Evolved Thermal Energy is extremely knowledgeable and accessible! Jeff was a tremendous help along our journey towards choosing a Geothermal contractor!
Dee Myers
Dee Myers
In the world or HVAC specifically ASHP, Jeff was able to help flag nuances associated with the equipment ad well as help flag the proper size needed to appropriately heat and cool our home.
Jame Zaiyouna
Jame Zaiyouna
Two young men from Evolved Thermal Energy went out of their way to help me lift something into my new home before the rain came down. Can't thank them enough for there assistance!!
Inthe East
Inthe East
Owners are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the work they do. Very hardworking and dedicated to making your project a success.
Maggi Wiens
Maggi Wiens
Speaking with Jeff he has been able to clearly explain and define how clean technology can have a positive impact on both the planet and my pocket book. Thank you for all the help and assistance on our system. Great company to deal with...excellent, I recommend them 100% !
Mark Lewandoski
Mark Lewandoski

Embracing Geothermal Installation in Thunder Bay, Ontario

For anyone in Thunder Bay or the nearby areas, opting for geothermal installation is a smart move for a top-notch heating and cooling system. The diverse landscape here, from open countryside to lakeside homes and bustling neighbourhoods, means geothermal energy is an excellent fit for just about any property. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking at horizontal loops for a big piece of land, lake loops for water-side properties, or vertical loops for smaller spaces – geothermal technology is a reliable, eco-friendly choice for homeowners in Thunder Bay.

Geothermal Installation Thunder Bay, ON.