Heat Pump Installation Process

A heat pump installation project doesn’t have to be a stressful process, just leave it to us! Kick back and enjoy the comfort of your unlimited renewable thermal energy source. It’s a low maintenance, highly efficient system, and your best investment in a greener future. A geothermal heat pump Installation will change the way you think about home comfort. 

Geothermal heat pump installation

Qualify Your Home

See if your home is eligible for a heat pump installation by completing our short pre-qualification form. One of our project managers will reach out to you to set up a virtual consultation. 

We may ask for photos of your existing HVAC equipment, property, and copies of your energy bills to best assist you.

Explore Energy Solutions

Our consultation ensures we have all the information to accurately model your current system and identify details to help develop specifications (project scope) for your new renewable thermal energy system. Should you wish to proceed with Geothermal, our team will prepare a proposal including a conceptual design report and economic analysis for budget consideration. 

All conceptual design information is prepared by an HRAI & IGSHPA certified designer/installer. This information is passed to our contractor network to help prepare a final proposal.

Geothermal installation

Technical Site Survey

A qualified contractor from our network will perform a technical site survey. They will assess the building, the exterior property, the mechanical design of the existing HVAC system and determine electrical system requirements. This final assessment is to confirm the installer won’t run into any unforeseen issues or additional expenses as they begin to install. The contractor will provide a final project quote upon completion of the site survey.

Your Evolved Thermal Energy System is Installed

If you are installing a Geothermal System, A loop installation contractor will excavate the space for your ground loops, install the piping, and fit them through the foundation into the home. Whether Air Source or Ground Source, An HVAC/mechanical installer will be removing your existing furnace and connecting your new heat pump to your homes systems. The entire Geothermal heat pump installation for an average project can be completed in just a few days. Where more substantial upgrades are required, this timeline may be extended. For Air Source Installation, timing will be similar to Geothermal, except without the ground works.

After the heat pump installation is complete, relax and enjoy year-round comfort!

Geothermal heat pump installation