Heat Pump Concierge Options

Our process is simple, and mostly virtual.

Every project completed is conducted professionally by a highly experienced HVAC project technologist. Our goal is to enhance the efficiency, performance, and long-term reliability of your HVAC and water heating systems. Our technologist will guide you through the details you need before committing to your electrification project. Once design concept has been established, we’ll connect you with our contractor network for the installation proposal. During construction we’ll support the contractor with all technical needs.

Undecided? You've heard about Air Source and Ground Source Heat Pumps but which is right for your home? We provide the quick facts that will help you decide.


$ 99
(taxes extra)
  • Submit Basic Home Information Form
  • Experienced Project Technologist to Review your information
  • Virtual (simplified) Heat Load Calculation to provide estimated equipment sizing* (existing homes)
  • Virtual consultation to provide feedback with recommendations and contractor referral
  • For New Homes - Our analysis based on Heat Loss / gain (provided by architect/ BCIN HVAC designer)

So it is Geothermal you want? Great! We'll help you plan the project and coordinate the installing contractor(s) for quoting. Begin the process with us, we'll analyze your home energy needs and prepare a preliminary system sizing, and economic analysis.

Basic + Preliminary GeoExchange Design

$ 249
(taxes extra)
  • Submit Basic Home Information Form & Energy Audit Results
  • Experienced Project Technologist Assigned to Review
  • Virtual (simplified) Load Calculation & Preliminary Geothermal Design Report
  • Economic Analysis Report to compare systems options and provide ROI
  • For New Homes - Analysis based on Heat Loss / Gain (provided by architect/BCIN HVAC designer). IGSHPA Certified Geothermal Design when CSA F280 Heat Loss Provided.

Homes that are looking to fully electrify with Geothermal or cc-ASHP require a more detailed approach. You may wish to have a certified CSA F280 Heat Loss Calculation with accurate floor plans completed upfront. This calculation ensures ALL contractors are quoting to the same requirements.

Detailed System Analysis with CSA F280 Load Calculation

$ 799
(taxes extra)
  • Submit Basic Home Information Form & Energy Audit Results
  • Experienced Project Technologist to Review and Manage Project.
  • Preliminary Geothermal Design Report (If Required)
  • Economic Analysis Report to compare systems options and provide ROI
  • Hand-off and Coordination with Installing Contractor(s).
  • HRAI Certified CSA F-280 Room-by-Room Load Calculation provided based on Virtual Digital Twin

Geothermal is Renewable Thermal Energy that exists naturally on the land you already own, just beneath your feet. Similarly, Air Source Heat Pumps use thermal energy available in the ambient outdoor air. Evolved Thermal Energy helps Homeowners and installation contractors connect homes to these energy sources. 

With a Geothermal system, the Ground Loop Heat Exchanger is your own personal energy infrastructure that is designed and installed to access an unlimited source of free low temperature thermal energy. Like a battery, it charges and discharges its thermal energy storage throughout the year. An Enertech Geo-Comfort Ground Source Heat Pump is the connection between the house and the ground loop, which moves thermal energy back and forth. 

An Air Source Heat Pump manages the process much the same however, when outdoor conditions get too cold or too hot, the efficiency and performance of the system degrades. When cold enough, an Air Source Heat Pump will switch-over to a backup source. 

There are benefits to both system types, and making a decision can be a complicated process. This is where Evolved Thermal Energy can help! Our free consultation can help point you in the right direction. When you have decided on a system, our certified designers can provide design information that we’ll use when we connect you to an installation contractor from our network. 

Geothermal Installation Kingston

Qualify Your Home Now

You can find out if your home qualifies for an evolved renewable thermal energy system by completing a simple online form. Once we have some details on your project, we’ll connect with you to determine how to best help you on your electrification journey. Following this initial consultation we’ll provide the pathway option for you to get started!