Homeowner How To of Heat Pump Installation

It’s no secret that heat pumps are a great way to heat your home and cut down on your energy costs, but many homeowners are hesitant to install one because they think it will be too expensive or overly complicated. By choosing the right partners for your project, it doesn’t have to be. The process is straightforward and can be completed in just a few simple steps. Let us walk you through the process Evolved Thermal Energy uses.

Who is Evolved Thermal Energy?

First, let’s talk about who we are. Evolved Thermal Energy is a company formed by people with a passion for helping consumers integrate heat pumps into their homes. Evolved Thermal Energy founders have been focused on heat pump technology since 2005. In that time they learned how to help contractors deploy heat pump and associated systems for all types of homes and buildings. Today, they use that experience to help contractors reach more homeowners. Check us out and Qualify your home today!

Heat Pump Virtual Consultation

Every project starts with an initial virtual consultation. This allows project managers to collect valuable data about your home that will aid in system design and selection. Here, we’ll ask a lot of questions about your home, your energy usage, comfort, and your property. This is also an opportunity to meet us via phone or virtual conference, this is not a sales call but a technical analysis to understand project feasibility and scope. This is a critical step for any project, and if your contractor skips this step – they may not actually be interested in the project, or may not have the experience needed.

How Much Will It Cost?

The financial commitment of installing a heat pump system should not be taken lightly. Today there are significant rebates/incentives through the Canada Greener Homes program that help with the costs. Although, maybe we are not asking the right question. We should be asking, how much will a heat pump save me? One of the great benefits of a heat pump is that it’s a system that pays you to own it. This is because a heat pump extracts energy that exists in the air (or ground) directly at the site of installation. That energy is essentially FREE energy, we just have to pay the electricity to move it to where it can be used for heating, cooling or hot water. The Heat Pump is the device that moves that energy. Because the heat pump operates so efficiently at collecting that energy (i.e. more than 100% efficiency) we can save money on operating costs compared to conventional systems which have efficiencies of 100% or less. So, the economics are important because we need to optimize both your savings, and the upfront investment based on your own situation. Evolved Thermal Energy can provide an Economic Analysis before engaging a contractor, to help you choose the right system for your needs. Qualify your home to start today!

Technical Site Survey

Let’s be honest, the world has changed drastically in the last few years. So much can be done with virtual tools. Our goal is to arm our Heat Pump retrofit contractors with as much information as possible, before anyone steps on site. The purpose of the technical site survey visit is to finalize a firm quotation. There are variables in every home that will cause installation costs to differ. One significant example is ductwork, some systems require more significant modification than others. Electrical systems, plumbing, and overall property (in the case of Ground Source) will be assessed. In some circumstances our contractor network will be able to provide a virtual budget proposal prior to site visit, with pricing conditions based on final assessment. The goal with doing this all virtually is to help the consumer decide on their own, what works for their budget. No in-home pressure tactics are used. This is an important financial decision, our job is to provide you with the right information to help you make a decision that works for you.

Heat Pump Installation

Whether you’ve chosen an Air Source or Ground Source (Geothermal) Heat Pump system, the installation on the inside of the house is very similar. Installers will disconnect your existing HVAC systems, make required modifications to duct work, or hydronic systems and connect your new heat pump. If you’ve chosen Ground Source – the installers will need typically a few extra days to complete the outside work. This outside work will vary depending on the property – whether there is drilling involved, excavation in rural areas, or if you are on a lake. Use our Qualify Form to get in touch with us and we’ll let you know what to expect for your home.

Life After a Heat Pump Retrofit

Life is just better with a Heat Pump. Once your project is complete, you’ll have the sweet satisfaction of knowing that you’ve just decarbonized a significant portion of your home energy footprint. Way to go! You’ll also have the peace-of-mind knowing your now in control of your home energy, not global commodity markets. As commodity prices increase, you’re well insulated from those increases because with a heat pump, most of your energy for heating, cooling and hot water is source right on site. If you want to learn more about how Evolved Thermal Energy can help you with your Heat Pump project, visit us at www.evolvedthermal.com.

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