Geothermal Installation - Kemptville

Geothermal Heat Pump Installation in Kemptville Ontario

We Provide Qualified Design Of Heat Pump Systems For Your Project. In Collaboration With Our Network Of Qualified HVAC Contractors In the Kemptville, Ontario region.

Together We Will Ensure The Success Of Your Heat Pump Installation.

Homeowners pay less attention to the installation and working of their HVAC systems. But, picking out the best HVAC for your home is vital as it impacts your budget also the comfort of your house. Nowadays, dealing with the increasing prices of fuel is also a concern for people. In such a situation, you can always use our economical Geothermal Heat Pump solutions proposed by Evolved Thermal Energy. Our geothermal systems help with uninterrupted comfort, heating or cooling, and water needs.

Our Geothermal Installation Process

We install a fully functional Geothermal Heat Pump by using a simplified procedure. You will enjoy long-term reliability, maximized effectiveness, and performance of our Geothermal Heat Pump system. Our team of experts also assists you in managing your quotation design process. We will provide you with the best installation contractors throughout the setup process.


Find out if your home is eligible for an Evolved renewable thermal energy system using the form on our website. Whether you are looking for Geothermal or Air Source - To qualify your home, click below.


To schedule an appointment with one of our project managers, fill out the qualification form. During this phase, we gather data to provide an initial project analysis for your home. This is a free consultation, at the end we'll present clear options to move forward with your project.


Our well-qualified contractors will deal with the fixation of your new heat pump and geothermal ground loop. Do you want to learn about the working of your geothermal systems? Click here.


You can rest and relish the comfort of your infinite energy source. Geothermal systems are low-maintenance and economical for your home needs.

Why Choose Evolved Thermal Energy If You Live in Kemptville

Evolved Thermal Energy will provide you with excellent System Design, Project Management facilities, Technical Support, and Contractor Training in Kemptville, Ontario.

Our team consists of highly experienced individuals you can trust the quality of our services. We aim to build easier collaborations between geothermal heat pump installation contractors and more buyers. We will guarantee that you are not troubled in any way with the installation of the improved design of the geothermal heat pump system. You will also enjoy a maximum potential return on your investment (ROI). 


Fifty-six kilometres south of Ottawa, a vibrant smalltown Kemptville is located. This town consists of a population of approximately 4000 people. Kemptville is becoming famous among the Ottawa builders. Kemptville is one of the famous places in North Grenville because it is one of the booming communities in the Ottawa area. Kemptville depicts a perfect picture of “Green and Growing”. This small town emerged from the forest areas in the township of Oxford. The steadily increasing popularity of this place is no surprise! It shows steady growth in population along with a recent boom in real estate and economic development. Because of its slow but consistent growth, Kemptville must be a serious candidate for homebuyers in Ottawa. Kemptville offers something for every buyer, whether you need downsizing or moving up, or you are a first-time buyer.

Qualify Your Home Now

Take the first step with us and verify the eligibility of your house. Find out if an evolved renewable thermal energy system installation is suitable for your home. Do not worry about the process. Evolved Thermal Energy will also assist you through this process. We will help you link up with an experienced and reliable installation contractor to certify that the geothermal system is installed correctly.

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