Geothermal Installation - Kitchener

Geothermal Installation in Kitchener Ontario

We provide efficient Geothermal Design and Installation Services using our Network of Qualified HVAC Contractors in Kitchener, Ontario.

Most homeowners do not pay much heed to their HVAC systems. However, selecting the right HVAC system for your home is crucial as it impacts your home comfort and your budget. Evolved Thermal Energy offers Geothermal Heat Pump solutions to homeowners to deal with the increasing fuel prices. Our geothermal systems provide you with years of untroubled comfort in heating, cooling, and hot water needs.

Our Geothermal Installation Process

Our simple procedure makes sure that every installation is finished to maximize your Geothermal Heat Pump system’s effectiveness, performance, and long-term dependability. You can benefit from our knowledge and experience in the quotation design process. We also collaborate closely with installation contractors throughout the installation process.


Find out if your home is eligible for an Evolved renewable thermal energy system using the form on our website. To qualify your home, click here.


To schedule an appointment with one of our energy consultants, fill out the qualification form. During this phase, we gather data to create an initial draft for your home.


Installation of your new heat pump and geothermal ground loop is handled by our assigned team of qualified contractors. Find out here how geothermal systems work.


Enjoy the convenience of your limitless energy source while you relax. Geothermal is an inexpensive, low-maintenance system.

Why Choose Evolved Thermal Energy If You Live in Kitchener

You can get excellent System Designs, Technical Support, Contractor Training and Project Management services from Evolved Thermal Energy in Kitchener, Ontario.

We have been doing this for a long time. Our main goal has always been to facilitate the interaction between more customers and more geothermal heat pump installation contractors. In order to secure the highest potential return on investment (ROI), our crew is available to help guarantee your system is designed to maximize the comfort and efficiency of your geothermal heat pump system.


Kitchener has rich cultural diversity. Every year, a number of festivals and events related to the arts and culture are conducted in Kitchener. The biggest celebration in Kitchener that lasts for nine days is Oktoberfest. It is a lovely city with the largest farmer’s market in Cambridge, where locals may enjoy fresh meals. A perfect blend of open space and busy downtown excitement makes Kitchener-Waterloo a great area to live and work. To cut greenhouse gas emissions by 8% over ten years – Kitchener is concentrating on implementing better energy management techniques.

Qualify Your Home Now

You can determine if your home is eligible for an evolved renewable thermal energy system installation with the help of Evolved Thermal Energy. We’ll put you in touch with an experienced and reputable installation provider to ensure the system is installed correctly.