Geothermal Installation North Bay

Geothermal Installation North Bay Ontario

Evolved Thermal Energy connects you to quality Geothermal Design and Installation Services in North Bay, Ontario.

Ground Source heat pumps are very simple to operate. they must be designed and installed with care to ensure long term reliability and performance

contact us today and we'll guide you through the process, from understanding what ground source system is right for your home, what to expect, to contractor selection - we'll help with it all.

Disadvantages of Geothermal Energy

Our Guided process is simple, and mostly virtual.

At Evolved Thermal Energy, we do things a little differently. Our passion for Geothermal and nearly 40 years of combined industry experience have led us to our unique process. Ensuring we can guarantee quality and customer satisfaction with every job is a top priority for our team of passionate change-makers.

Tell us about your home

To find out if your home qualifies for an advanced renewable thermal energy system, click the link to provide us with some of the basics to get started.

Virtually meet your project technologist

Once the qualify form is completed, we'll schedule a consultation to discuss your project in more detail, and provide options to begin the assessment process.

Let us introduce you to our local installer

We'll connect you with our network of installation contractors for a technical site survey and preparation of the project proposal. Once accepted, the contractor(s) will schedule the project and we'll ensure your equipment arrives on-time.


With a geothermal heat pump system, you can relax and take advantage of the comfort and efficiency of an endless, fossil fuel-free energy source.

Why Choose Evolved Thermal Energy If You Live in North Bay?

Evolved Thermal Energy is a canadian family owned distributor of Geothermal Heat Pump systems. We provide homeowner guidance, project coordination, contractor training, design & technical support.


North Bay is quite lovely. The region is renowned for its beautiful lakes and lovely rivers. Lakes, forests, marshes, and even a waterfall can be found in North Bay. The city is ideal for adventurers and those seeking a more laid-back escape. Lakes, forests, marshes, and even a waterfall can be found in North Bay. North Bay offers the best of history, culture, and art while allowing you to fully immerse yourself in nature. North Bay is committed to build a healthy and vibrant community under 2022 Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan. 

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Qualify Your Home Now

You can find out if your home qualifies for an evolved renewable thermal energy system by completing a simple online form. Once we have some details on your project, we’ll connect with you for a consultation to help determine project scope and guide you to the next steps on your electrification journey!