Geothermal Installation Stratford

Geothermal Installation Stratford Ontario

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It’s hard to pay attention to your HVAC systems. Heating & Cooling is not a topic that most homeowners need to think about more than once or twice in a lifetime. Nevertheless, choosing a suitable HVAC system for your house is a very significant decision, because it directly affects many aspects of your everyday life. To deal with escalating fuel prices, improve home comfort and IAQ, a Heat Pump system installation likely makes sense for your home. 

Our Process is Simple, and mostly virtual.

Switching to a heat pump requires a different design approach compared to a conventional furnace & A/C. Our team has learned an effective approach to system design.


If you need to find out if your home is suitable for an Evolved renewable thermal energy system, use the form on our website. To check the suitability of your home, click here.


You can fill out the qualification form given on our website to plan an appointment with our energy consultant. During this primary phase, we collect data to formulate an initial draft for your house.


Our appointed team of well-qualified contractors will manage the installation of your geothermal ground loop and new heat pump. If you want to find out how geothermal systems work, click here.


You can relax and enjoy the luxury of your lifetime energy source. Geothermal is a low-maintenance and inexpensive system for you.

Why Choose Evolved Thermal Energy If You Live in Stratford, Ontario

Our experience in system design, contractor training and support is your advantage when searching for the right heat pump system for your home.

You can rely on our services as we have been executing such manoeuvres for a long time. Our primary goal is to make collaboration between more geothermal heat pump installation contractors and more customers a bit easier. Our crew will guarantee that your geothermal heat pump system is designed efficiently without troubling you in any way. In this way, we will also assure maximum potential return on investment (ROI).


The city of Stratford is in Southwestern Ontario, In the core of a dairy-farming country alongside the Avon River. It is renowned for the Stratford Festival which takes place every summer since 1953. The Stratford Festival is known for Shakespeare plays and other theatrical performances. In the middle of the Stratford Park system, Lake Victoria has been created in the early 20th century. The blockade of Avon is for numerous mills (woollen, lumber, and grain) of the city. The city’s economic base has been formed by engineering industries, railway repair shops, and light manufacturing in combination with tourism and art. Stratford is one of the very first communities to commence the blue box program it shares a very long history of environmental commitment. It is also devoted to the environmental protection and energy efficiency plans of the government of Canada.

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Through our services, you can verify the eligibility of your house for an evolved renewable thermal energy system installation using the assistance of Evolved Thermal Energy. We will help you to get in touch with a reputable and experienced installation contractor to ensure the system is properly installed.