Where to start with Heat Pump Installation Project for your home in Ontario

Home heating, cooling, and hot water systems have typically been something that most homeowners may only ever have to deal with once or twice in a lifetime. Usually, this happens when it’s below freezing outside or extremely hot, and the equipment breaks down. So typically, homeowners are forced to decide on these critical systems with an emergency mindset. The reality is that most homeowners in Canada could save a significant amount of time, money and heartache by taking a more proactive approach to their home energy system. Transitioning to an electrified HVAC system is an investment that provides both immediate and long-term returns – if done correctly. Evolved Thermal Energy helps homeowners and HVAC contractors complete these installations with confidence.

Electrifying Home Heating with Heat Pump Installation Ontario

There are some nuances to transitioning your home energy systems that traditional HVAC contractors not familiar with the design aspects of the process may overlook. It’s important to note that most residential HVAC contractors today focus on the service and installation of gas-fired appliances and conventional air conditioners. Nearly 60% of homes in Ontario use natural (methane) gas for heating and hot water. So, there is significant demand for contractors to install and service only these types of systems. We are now entering a phase where the workforce will need to pivot and up-skill in some ways to support the electrification process. Evolved Thermal Energy supports the process by bringing our experience in the design of heat pump systems to the homeowner at the front end of the project. Whether the homeowner wants full electrification of HVAC with a Geothermal Heat Pump Installation, an Air Source Heat Pump Installation with electric backup, or even a hybrid solution with Gas/Electric, our process is to start with good data.

Geothermal and Air Source Heat Pump Installations

Residential HVAC systems can be complex, especially when transitioning from an abundant, relatively high-temperature thermal energy source such as fossil fuels to a source-limited low-temperature refrigeration-based system like a heat pump. What I mean by “source-limited” is that we must design the energy system to suit the specific building and adjust the distribution system accordingly. This is contrary to a fossil-based system in that as long as somebody feeds fuel into the other end of the pipe, you’ll have all the energy you need. This abundance and higher temperature can sometimes make up for inefficiencies in distribution systems.

Heat Pump Installations Start with Good Data Collection

Once we’ve collected the necessary data and provided our analysis to the homeowner, we connect the homeowner to qualified HVAC contractors in our network who can complete the installation. As the project progresses, Evolved Thermal Energy is supporting as the contractor’s wholesale representative to manage the equipment supply chain.

Qualified Heat Pump Installers

Our goal at Evolved Thermal Energy is to help as many HVAC contractors transition from gas-only installations to heat pump installations and complete electrification projects. Our experience in residential ground loop design and working on heat pump electrification projects since 2005, training contractors, and providing technical support makes Evolved Thermal Energy uniquely positioned to offer a whole new level of service and value to both the consumer and the contractor.

Process for Heat Pump Installation Project in Ontario

Our process starts with a free virtual or phone consultation with the homeowner. We can help start you on the right path for your Heat Pump Installation project. Check out our qualify form to get started today! https://evolvedthermal.com/see-if-your-home-qualifies/

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